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Agenda 21 and the New Conspiracy Theorists | Pierre Tristam

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Agenda 21 and the New Conspiracy Theorists | Pierre Tristam

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Agenda 21 and the New Conspiracy Theorists
Thursday, March 01, 2012 — Pierre Tristam

On the 25th anniversary of the Moon landing, the Washington Post published a startling poll: about 20 million Americans believed the landing was a government hoax. About the same time, crop circles stomped in England’s wheat fields and activity at Nevada’s Area 51 gave rise to new conspiracy theories. Then came 9/11 and still-potent theories -- fueled by the likes of Ed Asner and Charlie Sheen -- that the attacks were an inside job.

Now a new conspiracy theory is upon us. To hear some people speak at local government meetings, at tea party gatherings and on talk radio, the United Nations is out to control the world -- not with armies and dictators, but with zoning laws, bus routes and bike lanes. The plan is called Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 dates from the 1991 world climate conference in Rio. If you look up that document, you’ll find it says, for example, that governments should be encouraged to talk to each other about sustainable development, land and water conservation, managed growth, forest preservation and pollution controls.

Scary stuff.

The preamble says that paying greater attention to the integration of environment and development concerns “will lead to the fulfillment of basic needs, improved living standards for all, better protected and managed ecosystems, and a safer, more prosperous future.”

“No nation can achieve this on its own; but together we can -- in a global partnership for sustainable development.”

Agenda 21 is a dot-connector’s dream. The web is full of alarmist pages about its sinister goals. A paragraph or two are fished from some obscure paper that mentions Agenda 21 along with a suggestion about fuel efficiency standards or the advantage of renting over home ownership. The paper might have been written 20 years ago and read by fewer than 10 people before its pdf version was ferreted out and turned into an Agenda 21 smoking gun.

The paragraphs are dressed up in the authority of an impending law that will abolish private property -- the prelude to action at every level of government, federal, state and local.

It sounds nutty, and it is, but “concerned citizens” are appearing before local government boards to warn that freedom as we know it is approaching extinction.

A Flagler County commissioner who champions sustainable farms is now branded an “Agenda 21 conspirator” who supposedly wants to substitute collective farming for land ownership. Another champions “smart growth,” two words that make her an enemy of the state in the eyes of Agenda 21 foes, who seem to think public transportation and walkable shopping districts will come at the expense of sprawl and the God-given right to gas-guzzle.

Like all United Nations documents, Agenda 21 is dull, idealistic and pretty much useless. It has no authority whatsoever — not on sovereign governments, certainly not on state and local governments.

The first George Bush signed the document in 1991 as a non-binding set of principles he duly forgot and that has gone nowhere since. Because if there’s one sure way to doom any global effort, it’s to put the United Nations’ imprint on it.

That’s too bad. Agenda 21 is a timely blueprint for sane development, if only its critics read it and governments took it seriously. Unfortunately for Agenda 21, the only thing about to take over local governments is the weird, nutty sounds of conspiracy theorists once again gone wild.

Pierre Tristam is editor and publisher of FlaglerLive.com, a non-profit news service based in Palm Coast, Fl.

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What a weak, flimsy article on Agenda 21. Except for a couple of biased comments, this writer doesn't seem to understand the history of Agenda 21 or how it is reversing the rights in the US Constitution. Yes, the original 40 Agenda 21 chapters created by the UN were not extreme, because that was the plan to be vague and use fuzzy wording.

President Clinton in 1993 created the President's Council on Sustainable Development to implement Agenda 21 and hired many of the UN writers of Agenda 21 to IMPLEMENT Agenda 21 without any ratification from Congress, including orders to many Federal departments to setup "sustainable development" implementation programs. There were several following international conferences to flesh out the actual intent and methods used, including UN departments to establish programs and NGO's to roll out curriculum changes in schools. There are also Agriculture programs to increase restrictions on farming to reduce the ability of small farmer's to survive. The Wildlands project has the goal to use taxpayer money to keep buying "public lands" but then not allow humans on them. Here in Lake County, FL, they blew $30-million on bonds to buy numerous "public lands" but then none were opened to the public. The socialists want government, not people to own and control lands, and that is what they are doing.

Clinton's Council gave the American Planning Association several million dollars to create a new "guide" for "planners" in local governments that used environmentalism as a cover for rolling out stealth plans to reduce property rights, dumb down education levels, push "equity" (which is income and wealth transfer), stress "open borders" to all unrestricted immigrants to "equalize" opportunity, shift to a one world government by making wealthier countries absorb the development and housing costs of corrupt "developing" countries (in the UN),increase costs of home ownership (through increasingly expensive restrictions and regulations), etc.

The APA rolled out the new guide around 2002, and presto, all the "professional" government and land use planners, who had been "educated" in this new guide rolled it out to local Counties and Cities, assisted by a UN NGO, ICLEI. Many counties got extremely complex comp plans which reduced property values, reduced land usage freedoms, and are now being reversed due to the protests and lawsuits from land owners. Last year, in Florida, the huge Florida DCA department that was making the comp plans even more complex, was shut down due to excessive regulations. Here in Lake County, FL, the voters kicked out two environmentalists who rammed all sorts of land restrictions into the comp plan, and new commissioners approved amendments to reverse the more damaging restrictions. These APA derived comp plans are extremely complex, and reduce property values through restrictions which is an Agenda 21 goal. The idea is to make family home ownership so expensive as to force people to move to APA desired high density housing on train corridors controlled by BIG government (Owebama's dream), while reducing human access to much of the land. Every time an action reduces your ability and freedom to drive a car, due to increased regulations or rising fuel prices, that is part of the agenda 21 plan. You can find more at the info page on my blog at http://tinyurl.com/HaltAgenda21 . And, be sure to watch the various YouTube videos for elected officials on how Agenda 21 is attacking US Constitution rights like freedom, property rights, and the right to be compensated when government takes land (through eminent domain, or by implementing restrictions that reduce the value of land).

Planners should look for a new professional association that is not in bed with the socialists and isn't trying to reverse the rights in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. (I grew up with air raid drills in school, watching the Cuban Missile crisis, etc. The same communists are now using environmental issues rather than wars as a subterfuge to roll out Agenda 21 socialism and Mr. Tristam apparently never studied the US Constitution). See http://tinyurl.com/HaltAgenda21 .

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Some people still believe the world is flat, too, but that doesn't make it so. I wonder how they fake those great shots of the earth from space. I guess when aliens arrive they'll call us flatlings. Hey, Vance, I'm more worried about terrorists and citizen nut cases than commies. Remember loose lips sink ships of state.