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Farewell Week for Florida Voices | Rosemary Goudreau

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Farewell Week for Florida Voices | Rosemary Goudreau

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Farewell Week for Florida Voices
Saturday, May 04, 2013 — Rosemary Goudreau

Dear readers,

I’m sorry to tell you that we’re closing Florida Voices at the end of the week. Our last day of publication will be Friday, May 3.

Rosemary Curtiss and I had high hopes when we launched Florida Voices 18 months ago. But the business of online media is a tough slog. While we managed to secure syndication agreements with more than 30 Florida news outlets, we couldn’t drive the audience needed to grow advertising dollars. We operated Florida Voices on a shoe string and paid people next to nothing, and still couldn’t make the numbers add up to a viable business.

Rosemary and I are enormously proud of the talent we recruited to write and work for Florida Voices, the splash we made, the insight we offered, the public service we provided. We feel a sense of loss in closing a credible forum for discussing -- and keeping up on -- the issues facing this great state. 

Since word leaked Friday, we’ve received lots of kind responses to our impending closure. Some friends and customers even tried to find a way to help us soldier on. We leave feeling we’ve left it all on the field.

Here’s my favorite email, from a guy named Fred Ennis:

“Wow! Just wow. It is sad that my first knowledge of FloridaVoices.com came from Jim Romenesko's mention of the site's termination.

“I was delighted to find this reasoned source that aggregates most of the stories about the way decisions are made in the state.

“Discovering FloridaVoices.com at this time is like a teenager meeting a wonderful girl on the last day of summer vacation at the lake. I don't know you very well, but I do know I will miss you.”

The best to you all,


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I'll really miss Florida Voices, went to site every day. I'm really proud of you, sis, and know that you're successful in whatever you do.

Mancini Mancini's picture

That is indeed a bad news for all of us. I will really miss this and it was pleasure reading various articles on it.