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Friday, May 03, 2013

We're nuked again
Florida Legislature serves big business first, that was confirmed when it passed the “reform” of the state's nuclear cost recovery act.
Ocala Star Banner
Limited-impact gun bill
CS/CS/HB 1355, would bar firearm sales to people who undergo voluntary commitment for mental health care after being deemed a danger to themselves.
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
ERAU poised for success with research park
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is on the brink of a major breakthrough in the development of its Aerospace Research and Technology Park.
Daytona Beach News-Journal
Larger flaws
The Florida House confirmed its support for the death penalty when it easily approved a bill aimed at shortening the long road to execution.
Gainesville Sun
House should save drug database
Florida's prescription drug monitoring database could starve to death unless the House takes action today, the last day of the regular session.
Tampa Bay Times
Education hits and misses for 2013
One of the most important areas headlining this year's legislative session was tweaking K-12 education.
Orlando Sentinel
Call a foul on legislators' efforts to kill FHSAA
Lwmakers approved a bill that would restrict investigations by the FHSAA and expand the ability of student athletes to transfer schools.
Ruth: Public again feels wrath of Legislature
Every legislative session begins with Yankee Doodle Dandy optimism that elected officials in Tallahassee will do right by the people they serve.
Tampa Bay Times
Accuracy, not speed, in executions
Speed isn't the most essential element in carrying out the death penalty, accuracy is but the Legislature passes a bill to speed it up.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
War victims who are not counted
The existence of these innocent victims, children, who are not counted is one of the reasons why war will always be a scourge of mankind
Senate should pass reforms for boarding schools
HB 7129, is a response to the atrocities uncovered in an investigation into the state's religious group homes and boarding schools.
Tampa Bay Times
Happy days
For two days, caps will be tossed, parents will beam and graduates will party. It’s a special time in Tallahassee, job well, done.
Tallahassee Democrat
Reject latest assault on Florida’s environment.
The Florida Legislature is congratulating themselves for spreading around a record $74.5 billion budget, bit it has shafted the environment.
Palm Beach Post
Political ideology clouds debate on health care
A dispute over whether to accept federal funding for an expansion of health care threatens to force a special session to resolve the issue.
Citrus County Chronicle
Sound ethics reform
We thank Gov. Scott for his role in improving state government by trying to rid the Capitol of corruption and signing the ethics reform bill into law.
There is too much wiggle room in eyewitness identification policies used by law enforcement agencies on Treasure Coast
The recommendations by Florida’s Innocence Commission should be standard operating procedures for law enforcement agencies on the Treasure Coast.
Americans have unhealthy behaviors that lead to early death
he United States does not compare well with other developed countries.
Florida Times-Union
Fields of study
Bay County government to pursue an agreement that could open up playgrounds, and other facilities to be utilized when school isn’t in session.
Sooner Executions: Death Penalty Injustice
The Florida House confirmed their support for the death penalty when it easily approved a bill aimed at shortening the long road to execution.
Lakeland Ledger
Gov. Scott wields veto pen but also signs ethics law
The governor signed into law ethics legislation to keep politicians clean and enacted a campaign-finance law to increases contributions.
Miami Herald
Sterling signatures
Kudos to Gov. Rick Scott Wednesday for signing into law ethics and campaign reform bills, both represent important steps forward for Florida politics.
Confronting a poisonous Syria
Most Americans surely prefer that the United States avoid becoming militarily involved in the Syrian war, but can we ignore chemical weapon use?
Immigration reform foes stoop low
Fixing the nation’s broken immigration system tops the short list of important things Congress might accomplish this year.
FWB still vexed by vagrancy
Residents will have to decide whether tackling the panhandler problem is worth an escalating price tag.
The House’s texting violation
Florida lawmakers should be ashamed of themselves if a proposal to ban texting while driving fails to pass into law this year.
A strong effort to improve Bradenton's Village of the Arts
Bradenton has sharp designs on improving Village of the Arts as one of the keys to the city's economic and cultural growth,
Bradenton Herald

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Text-ban politics
The House voted 110-6 on Tuesday to pass the texting ban, but not until it had weakened what was already a weak measure.
Ocala Star Banner
CIA millions buy little from Karzai
The CIA bribery campaign undermines efforts by the State Department to preach an anticorruption gospel among U.S. allies.
Tampa Bay Times
River wreckers?
A bill up for consideration in the Senate includes a provision that would strip Orange County of its authority to protect wetlands in Wedgefield.
Orlando Sentinel
Waste of time
It was a bit juvenile for Democrats to employ a stalling tactic to protest Florida House leaders’ opposition to Medicaid expansion.
Gainesville Sun
Utility customers keep losing
It is Duke Energy and Florida Power & Light, the state's largest utilities, that still get all the breaks and no one speaks up for the...
Tampa Bay Times
Gov. Scott should slow roll on speeding up executions
Feeling the need for speed, the Florida Legislature has sent Gov. Rick Scott a bill that would hasten executions.
Orlando Sentinel
Did the dog eat the homework projects due in county hall?
The administration either needs to get the rules changed or get the work done in time to make real differences in the county.
City promises to address recycling issues
Next Monday, Inverness will begin curbside single-stream recycling and while the idea has broad support, the startup has not been without hitches.
Citrus County Chronicle
Budget has share of good, bad
In next year's spending plan legislators fed some additional dollars to areas they had starved in the past, including public schools and...
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
House Republicans defying their own party, common sense on Medicaid
House Democrats are requiring that bills before the chamber be read in full slowing business, but shaming those who refuse to accept federal money.
Palm Beach Post
Major fundraising effort seeks to scale up public school improvements
Elite group meets at Sawgrass in a common goal: public school excellence.
Florida Times-Union
Right move
Legislative leaders clarified language in their budget proposal in order to allow raises to be doled out sooner rather than later.
Tallahassee Democrat
Florida House drives recklessly on texting-while-driving ban.
After years of embarassing inaction, it looked this year as if the Florida Legislature finally would outlaw texting while driving.
Palm Beach Post
Pitts: Jason Collins breaks barriers coming out with a boom!
Boom. And just like that, history is made. Just that quickly, a barrier becomes rubble. Just that fast, everything changes.
Miami Herald
Navarre pier's future
Santa Rosa County commissioners on Monday are expected to begin evaluating proposals dealing with the future of the Navarre Beach Pier.
Otto: Beepball giants are ready to rumble
You can only imagine the fear and trepidation at the Lighthouse for the Blind as they get ready for Saturday’s 25th annual Beepball Classic.
On Mexico’s drug criminals: Don’t ease up
President Obama arrives in Mexico on Thursday at a crucial moment for the joint fight the two countries have been waging against drug trafficking.
Miami Herald
No deal on Medicaid
Florida needs far more flexibility in its health care program, either by receiving Medicaid waivers or by implementing a different system.
Dump fertilizer scheme
Rep. Jake Raburn is behind a scheme that would handcuff local governments’ ability to prevent water pollution.
Is Scouts' gay policy unfair?
The Boy Scouts of America would consider Jason Collins, of the NBA, unqualified for leadership.
BP's spill gets an upbeat spin
Some politicians today are pressing for oil exploration in parts of the Gulf much closer to Northwest Florida.
It’s time state lawmakers remedy sales tax inequity
A bill moving through the Legislature would require out-of-state online retailers to collect the sales tax on purchases made by Florida customers.
Stakes high for Manatee County as state health care duel winds down
Florida House's steadfast rejection of billions in federal health care assistance for residents will have terrible consequences on Florida.
Bradenton Herald

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

River City trouble
The Dunnellon City Council is proposing repealing the city’s River Corridor Protection Area ordinance because it infringes on property owners’ rights.
Ocala Star Banner
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