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We respect their motives, but commissioners should see recycling feral cats back into the community is not an appropriate public policy.
Tampa Tribune
Perhaps it would be better if Walton County let everybody take dogs to the beach — or nobody, and declared the beach a pooch-free zone.
Northwest Florida Daily News
Senate Bill 872 would require that all animal shelters keep records for animals taken in, adopted, kept in pens or euthanized and post it online.
Lakeland Ledger
Manatee County Animal Services was honored in the community service category with second place for innovation for the agency's No Kill program.
Bradenton Herald
Many people believe that a coonhound is no different from a weed eater, a tool to be used during hunting season and then discarded.
Baker County Press
County commissioners have directed staff to develop an ordinance allowing the keeping of chickens in residentially zoned neighborhood.
Hernando Today
The recent Python Challenge showed just how hard it will be to round up the Burmese pythons that are allegedly slithering amok in the Everglades.
Palm Beach Post
All this hoopla and what do we get? A lousy 68 Burmese pythons? Sheesh.
Venice Gondolier Sun
Did you get to see Banana Joe, an adorable little affenpinscher, claim the Best in Show honor at Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show?
Tallahassee Democrat
After a 35-year hiatus, there is renewed talk about Bigfoot stalking the forests of Northwest Florida.
Northwest Florida Daily News
England has decided to require that all dogs be microchipped for identification purposes
Lakeland Ledger
New animal-care law approved by the Broward County Commission amount to way too much government with way too little chance of being enforced.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
In dealing with the free-ranging felines, many municipalities and universities and colleges adhere to a policy of capturing cats to be euthanized.
Orlando Sentinel
Banana Joe, a tiny black affenpinscher named won the coveted Best in Show award at the 137th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
Independent Florida Alligator
1,500 hunters from 38 states and Canada gave it their best shot, we have only 50 of the enormous snakes to show for all that trouble.
Naples Daily News
As of Friday, the haul after 27 days of python hunting in four wildlife areas has been only 50 snakes.
Palm Beach Post
Microchipping of pets is gaining ground in the U.S. as well as Britain.
Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Letter To The Editor

Cub’s up a tree. Mama bear underneath is stomping and snorting at anyone nearby. Knowing that a neighbor lady is out and about, I call the Santa...

Northwest Florida Daily News

We have a serious problem in Rotonda. My little 9-pound poodle was carried off in my front yard by a coyote, about 120 pounds, on Saturday night...

Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Op Ed


Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Something needs to be done before we lose this valuable resource.

News Press of Fort Myers