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Fixing the nation’s broken immigration system tops the short list of important things Congress might accomplish this year.
Fort Myers News-Press
Congress should give FDA more power in wake of tainted drugs killing more than 50 people.
Florida Today
Is it reasonable, constitutional and in the public's interest to require Americans who buy guns to undergo a background check?
Lakeland Ledger
45 cowardly senators shamefully wimped-out in the face of threats from the NRA, and they snubbed their noses at devastated families from Newtown.
Highlands Today
It looks like Congress could be the one to stand up for the state's jobs and residents and modernize the sales tax system to include Internet sales.
Key West Citizen
The Senate began debate on a measure, endorsed by the Obama administration, that would grant authority to states to collect tax Internet sales.
Florida Today
Congress appears poised to pass legislation requiring states to force online retailers with no physical presence in their states to collect sales tax.
Panama City News Herald
Already, the conservatives are screaming at the Obama administration for the way they are treating Boston bombing suspect Dzjokhar Tsarnaev.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
It looks as if it could be Congress that modernizes the sales tax system to include more Internet purchases.
Tampa Bay Times
Some congressional Republicans are criticizing the decision to file criminal charges in federal court against 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.
Tampa Bay Times
President Obama called the U.S. Senate's rejection Wednesday of common-sense gun legislation "shameful."
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
In the Senate, politicians including Marco Rubio found self-serving excuses not to put themselves between guns and future victims of gun violence.
Palm Beach Post
On Wednesday, even the most benign, common sense proposal to close the loophole on background checks for gun purchases met a dead end.
Miami Herald
The U.S. Senate failed this week to pass a sensible but modest amendment to expand background checks to include gun sales online and at gun shows.
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
45 Senate toadies of the National Rifle Association who voted against expanded background checks for gun buyers.
Tampa Bay Times
This week, 45 senators forgot the faces of Newtown and ignored our voices. They voted against expanding background checks for gun buyers.
Tampa Bay Times
The proposed legislation includes a number of enforcement targets to be met before undocumented workers could apply for permanent residency:
Fort Myers News-Press

Op Ed

During this special time of year our community and our nation find a way to give thanks — and give back. From Hurricane Sandy to our favorite...

Tampa Tribune

Two thousand dollars — approximately what middle-class families stand to lose — is not play money to families. It’s the difference between...

Tallahassee Democrat

Two friends, one a Democrat and one a conservative, have told me recently that Republicans in Congress need to compromise so the government can...

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Some of my friends say America will never be able to put back together after the highly divisive Presidential election and that due to...

News-Sun, Sebring

When Republicans claim that this was a status quo election, they point to their continued hold on the House.
It’s because Republicans have...

Palm Beach Post

With the 2012 election now over, , the majority of American voters have spoken-and they confirmed that they are satisfied with the direction in...

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Letter To The Editor

Eric Kantor, John Boehner and all the other Republicans who look up to Ronald Reagan as their idol need to stop lying about what he did and said...

Bradenton Herald

The ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), signed by President George W. Bush and later by President...

Florida Today

The performance of our Congress in the past decades has been abysmal with respect to taking care of "the people's" business.


College students have fears about the continuing financial crisis and are also concerned about the higher taxes coming our way with the health...

Tampa Bay Times