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Bradenton has sharp designs on improving Village of the Arts as one of the keys to the city's economic and cultural growth,
Bradenton Herald
Boom. And just like that, history is made. Just that quickly, a barrier becomes rubble. Just that fast, everything changes.
Miami Herald
The Boy Scouts of America would consider Jason Collins, of the NBA, unqualified for leadership.
Fort Myers News-Press
National Basketball Association center Jason Collins has drawn praise for becoming the first openly gay athlete active in a major U.S. sport.
Gainesville Sun
Treyvon Thomas, a senior at Booker High School, has excelled in the arts and academics despite the lack of a stable family life or a permanent home.
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Scheduled for Feb. 1, The Great Bull Run will take place at the Little Everglades Ranch
Tampa Bay Times
$195,000 has been raised for the Medgar Evans Memorial which feature benches for reflection and a wall of Evers' quotations encircling the memorial.
Orlando Sentinel
Effective federal and state efforts are needed to help local governments close the broadband gap and give high-speed Internet access to all.
Lakeland Ledger
Saturday night a few hundred Maas Brothers employees from the old central office will be gathering at the Tampa Bay History Center for a reunion.
Tampa Tribune
This year, Rick Scott has named 23 "Great Floridians," roughly padding the state's "Great Floridians" ranks by 25 percent.
Tampa Bay Times
The more than two million snapshots mashed together on Facebook and my computer’s hard drive may never be printed and might even be forgotten.
Independent Florida Alligator
It may be true that a majority of students engage in sexting, but that does not make it acceptable and it has real consequences.
FGC Eagle News
No matter the sequestration and the cancellation of the Air Force Thunderbirds, the private sector put on a great Lauderdale Air Show this weekend.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
The baseball star sent waves of progress through the nation.
Florida Times-Union
The biggest threat to our freedom is clearly our own laziness, and the HapiFork ultimately just reflects this growing apathy.
FSU Flambeau
We cannot allow or tolerate anyone expressing a view different from ours, and our displeasure is seemingly always expressed in a “in-your-face” manner
Naples Daily News
Standing tall in this brave new world where cultures collide is all we can do, and our children’s futures can be just as bright our own.
Highlands Today

Letter To The Editor

Communities across the country have reached into their pockets, bonded future tax revenue and given short shrift to libraries, roads and other...

Tampa Bay Times

Florida as a place has seen epochs of history, and is far more hallowed than the Ivy League or Monticello.
And yet, in the national news,...

Orlando Sentinel

Marijuana prohibition is the most wasteful, destructive social policy since the Jim Crow laws of the Deep South. I don't know what it will...

Tampa Bay Times

I predict that after federal law allows the recreational use of marijuana, the drug activists will begin campaigning for the legalization of...

Tampa Bay Times

Critical Intervention Services would like to extend its sincerest thanks to the Tampa Bay community for its outpouring of support in the wake of...

Tampa Bay Times

During the Thanksgiving week I realized how thankful I am for all of the new cultural and environmental venues we have now.
We have Naples...

Naples Daily News

Op Ed

That "most wonderful time of the year" has arrived, and with it, most predictably, another round of attacks (yawn) by Secular Humanists...

News-Sun, Sebring

He was a truly great Floridian, but this farewell tribute to Ed H. Price Jr. may be the first time many readers heard of him. That's because...

Tampa Bay Times

Thanksgiving is actually a holiday that continues to evolve in its form of celebration. And for some Americans, Thanksgiving isn't what it...

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Thanking those who we love, admire, depend upon, and have work relationships with is important, but too infrequently expressed.
While we...

Gainesville Sun