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Tuesday’s municipal elections saw Springfield elect a new mayor and city commissioner and Parker choose a new mayor.
Panama City News Herald
This session, there is a bipartisan effort to ease the pain too many people felt last year when they wanted to vote in the presidential election.
Miami Herald
A measure moving through state Senate committees (SB 600) would reinstate the witness-signature requirementon absentee ballots.
Lakeland Ledger
Gov. Scott was bereaved over the declasse infusion of unbridled money into the political process.
Tampa Bay Times
Today, seven municipalities in Polk County hold elections for their city and town councils and commissions, and a mayor.
Lakeland Ledger
The Ledger and a number of newspapers set a policy against recommending or endorsing candidates. Issue recommendations could continue.
Lakeland Ledger
Five candidates are campaigning heavily for one seat in Tuesday's special election for the Winter Haven City Commission.
Lakeland Ledger
The state should err on the side of voters, who shouldn’t face disenfranchisement because of technical oversights that are easily corrected.
Ocala Star-Banner
A measure moving through state Senate committees (CS SB 600) would reinstate the witness-signature requirement for absentee ballots.
Gainesville Sun
The Times recommends Lance Smith for Zephyrhills City Council, Seat 1 and for Seat 3, Kent Compton.
Tampa Bay Times
A measure moving through state Senate committees (CS SB 600) would reinstate the witness-signature requirement for absentee ballots.
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
For Coral Gables mayor, The Herald recommends James C. Cason, for City Commission, Vicente Lago Group 2, and Patricia Brady Keon, Group 3.
Miami Herald
The Republican National Committee with some others issued a report that has been called an autopsy of 2012's election.
Sebring News Sun
Another city of Sarasota election, another round of low voter turnout.
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
For the City Council, Chopper Davis and Rose M. Mohr, are preferable because of their fresh ideas, life experiences and community commitment
Tampa Bay Times
The Supreme Court heard arguments on an Arizona voter registration law that requires prospective voters to prove citizenship before applying to vote.
USF Oracle
Legislators should repeal the requirement of voting on provisional ballots for voters who have not registered in their new county of residence.
Palm Beach Post

Letter To The Editor

This past year of the presidential election (TV, newspapers, radio, cold telephone calls, etc.) manifested an exacerbating apathy to me and others...


Mitt Romney came close to winning the presidency because people love him, but the Republican Party backed him only superficially.
When Mitt...

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

However, the main reason President Obama won should be of grave concern to every American regardless of your political affiliation.

He won...

Lakeland Ledger

Here is a fact: Those who live by a hand that feeds them will be the first to go hungry.
The media created the war on women when the real...

Suncoast News

The counties in Florida that voted for Obama this year understand the importance of federal health care, lower taxes and funding to critical...

Seminole Chronicle

Remember all those lawsuits filed by the Democratic Party demanding any voter identification laws be repealed? If it weren't for voter fraud...

Suncoast News

After I finally got over all the stages of grief from the presidential election, I began thinking about that old story about how to catch wild...

Hernando Today

Op Ed

Twice in recent years, Florida has been a national laughingstock for bungling elections. It's time to fix this problem, for economic and...

Tallahassee Democrat

The consensus is that even with a very spotty record on the economy, President Obama won the election, because Mitt Romney and the GOP failed to...


The challenge for the GOP will continue to be more difficult each election cycle and the work ahead is steeply uphill — but essential — if we are...

South Florida Sun-Sentinel