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Obama should give the pipeline his approval, an action that will strengthen the nation's energy supply and also reassure our stalwart neighbor.
Tampa Tribune
The senators' plan isn't perfect, but it's a reasonable start. The rest of the Florida Legislature should get on board.
Tampa Bay Times
Currently the best choice for the economy and the planet is to ensure ample, secure supplies of energy.
Fort Myers News-Press
Duke Energy is planning to replace energy generation with a state-of-the-art plant fueled by natural gas, with completion planned for 2018.
Citrus County Chronicle
The retirement the Crystal River reactor exposes weaknesses in consumer-protection and rate-setting aspects of statewide regulation.
Ocala Star-Banner
Closing of the Crystal River reactor should remind Floridians that one of nuclear power's greatest vulnerabilities comes in the shape of dollar signs.
Lakeland Ledger
City commissioners spoke seriously about a five-year plan to bring rates at Lake Worth’s city-owned electric utility on par with others in the area.
Palm Beach Post
Crystal River will be the first major nuclear plant in the Southeast to permanently close.
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Duke Energy is shuttering a nuclear power plant it had hoped to expand, and it gets to pocket the fees it's been charging customers like you.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
It is my hope that enough of my fellow lawmakers agree that it is one of the most consumer-unfriendly cash grabs ever allowed to become law.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
The Legislature should repeal a 2006 law that allows utility customers to be billed for nuclear projects that may never be built.
Tampa Bay Times
The announcement that Duke Energy will not repair the Crystal River nuclear plant was hardly a complete surprise.
Citrus County Chronicle
Losing power for more than 10 hours is frustrating, but not knowing why power is gone, or for how long it will be gone, is unreasonable.
USF Oracle
Duke Energy must acknowledge that the broken Crystal River nuclear plant is not worth fixing and announce plans to permanently shut it down.
Tampa Bay Times
The real truth is that smart meters will allow power providers, including Sumter Electric, to make more money.
Orlando Sentinel
Progress Energy said Florida PSC's review of the Crystal River Nuclear Plant is ongoing and no decision is likely to be made until this summer.
Citrus County Chronicle
It’s fair to point out Gainesville Regional Utilities’ missteps, but it should be given some credit for forward thinking.
Gainesville Sun

Op Ed

Amid Public Service Commission hearings that continue this week on nuclear cost recovery, it is important to pause and reflect on this component...

Tallahassee Democrat

For the next decade, a diversified mix of energy sources will remain strategically important.

News Press of Fort Myers

In the Sunshine State, where we lag behind most other states in renewable energy industry job creation, we still do not have a Renewable Energy...

Tallahassee Democrat

Ah, summertime and with it arrives the stark reality that we now live within altered regional and national climate patterns.

Tallahassee Democrat

I chose to fight for my country because I felt a sense of duty to protect the freedoms and liberties that make our nation great.

Tallahassee Democrat

A major victory in the quest for energy independence was registered with hardly a murmur in the public press.

Naples Daily News

 We are on the cusp of a new era of energy use, distribution and production.

Tallahassee Democrat

Letter To The Editor

The recent ...

Daytona Beach News-Journal


If you add up...

Tampa Bay Times
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