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The Florida Legislature is congratulating themselves for spreading around a record $74.5 billion budget, bit it has shafted the environment.
Palm Beach Post
Rep. Jake Raburn is behind a scheme that would handcuff local governments’ ability to prevent water pollution.
Tampa Tribune
A bill up for consideration in the Senate includes a provision that would strip Orange County of its authority to protect wetlands in Wedgefield.
Orlando Sentinel
Some politicians today are pressing for oil exploration in parts of the Gulf much closer to Northwest Florida.
Northwest Florida Daily News
The city announced that a new segment of Riverwalk running under Kennedy Boulevard should be in place by late next year.
Tampa Tribune
A bill passed by the House would hurt Florida's economy as much as its natural resources, and if the Senate votes for it Gov. Scott should veto it.
Tampa Bay Times
The Legislature will not pass any bills this year focused on restoration or protection of our environmentally and economically important springs.
Ocala Star-Banner
Triumph, a nonprofit corporation, will oversee money the state receives from the $5.5 billion lawsuit against BP filed by state Attorney General.
Pensacola News-Journal
Florida filed a lawsuit to recover economic damages from the BP oil spill and a Manatee County environmental project tops the list for recovery.
Bradenton Herald
State environmental officials predict that by 2030, Florida will be consuming nearly 8 billion gallons of water a day.
Northwest Florida Daily News
It is encouraging to see the budgets of the state House and Senate include funding for Florida Forever, the state land-acquisition program.
Tampa Tribune
For almost a decade, a problem with high arsenic levels in multiple wells in northwest Citrus County has been known.
Citrus County Chronicle
There is still much to do in Northwest Florida three years after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
Pensacola News-Journal
Secretary of State John Kerry flies to China, ostensibly to ward off a possible nuclear war, and talks about — global warming.
Biz Pac Review
A 2011 study done by Friends of the Earth found that gasoline is cleaner than ethanol.
Palm Beach Post
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will consider having a 44-day fishing season for red snapper within state waters.
Miami Herald
Floridians can no longer trust the DEP to protect the environment and fairly enforce the rules.
Tampa Bay Times

Letter To The Editor

Craig Pittman's article about how scientists are still learning from the Deepwater Horizon disaster points to a new study that shows the...

Tampa Bay Times

Now it's up to President Barack Obama: Will he back Scott's proposal or support the EPA's?

So far, citizens have sent more...

Tampa Bay Times

We face the greatest challenge humans have ever faced. To save our planet we must recognize the fiery future we face; fiercely oppose the greed...

Sarasota Herald-Tribune

When other countries around the world have encountered disasters, Americans have always been the first to step up and dig into their pockets and...


Looking at Sandy, I realize there are some lessons we can take from this storm. So turn off the Weather Channel for a moment while we ponder the...

News-Sun, Sebring

Many areas of South Florida will be underwater in several decades as a result of global warming and rising sea levels. This is not an opinion, it...

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Op Ed

While EPA is prepared to finalize these rules next year under its consent decree obligations, it is also prepared not to move forward and instead...

Gainesville Sun

Without the Upper Basin Project, water quality in downstream Brevard lakes would have declined significantly over the last 20 years with the many...

Gainesville Sun

While some progress is being made, it pales in comparison to what we need. The time to invest in technology and policy development that addresses...

News Press of Fort Myers

Having moved back to New York about a month ago, I thought I had left behind all the hurricane angst I had become too accustomed to living in...

South Florida Sun-Sentinel