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Florida Legislature

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Florida Legislature serves big business first, that was confirmed when it passed the “reform” of the state's nuclear cost recovery act.
Ocala Star-Banner
The Florida House confirmed its support for the death penalty when it easily approved a bill aimed at shortening the long road to execution.
Gainesville Sun
Lwmakers approved a bill that would restrict investigations by the FHSAA and expand the ability of student athletes to transfer schools.
The Florida Legislature is congratulating themselves for spreading around a record $74.5 billion budget, bit it has shafted the environment.
Palm Beach Post
The Florida House confirmed their support for the death penalty when it easily approved a bill aimed at shortening the long road to execution.
Lakeland Ledger
Florida lawmakers should be ashamed of themselves if a proposal to ban texting while driving fails to pass into law this year.
Tampa Tribune
CS/CS/HB 1355, would bar firearm sales to people who undergo voluntary commitment for mental health care after being deemed a danger to themselves.
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Florida's prescription drug monitoring database could starve to death unless the House takes action today, the last day of the regular session.
Tampa Bay Times
Every legislative session begins with Yankee Doodle Dandy optimism that elected officials in Tallahassee will do right by the people they serve.
Tampa Bay Times
HB 7129, is a response to the atrocities uncovered in an investigation into the state's religious group homes and boarding schools.
Tampa Bay Times
A dispute over whether to accept federal funding for an expansion of health care threatens to force a special session to resolve the issue.
Citrus County Chronicle
The governor signed into law ethics legislation to keep politicians clean and enacted a campaign-finance law to increases contributions.
Miami Herald
One of the most important areas headlining this year's legislative session was tweaking K-12 education.
Orlando Sentinel
Speed isn't the most essential element in carrying out the death penalty, accuracy is but the Legislature passes a bill to speed it up.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
We thank Gov. Scott for his role in improving state government by trying to rid the Capitol of corruption and signing the ethics reform bill into law.
Pensacola News-Journal
Kudos to Gov. Rick Scott Wednesday for signing into law ethics and campaign reform bills, both represent important steps forward for Florida politics.
Panama City News Herald
The House voted 110-6 on Tuesday to pass the texting ban, but not until it had weakened what was already a weak measure.
Ocala Star-Banner

Letter To The Editor

While driving "under the influence" makes a driver hazardous to all of us, it should seem reasonable that someone taking his eyes off...

Tampa Bay Times

Let us jump right to our own Mr. Robert Schenck. Does he come out for voting reform? Does he rile against the way the voters of Florida were...

Hernando Today

It is grossly unfair to businesses to keep taxing us on equipment that is long past its usefulness.
Perhaps our legislators can address this...

Tallahassee Democrat

Thank you, Florida Legislature, for unloading 11 superfluous and confusing amendments onto your voters. Attempting to be a responsible voter, I...

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As a group, these amendments create...

Tampa Bay Times

Op Ed

Lawton Chiles was different. He called his approach to government "more steering, less rowing" from Tallahassee, and spoke of "...

Tampa Tribune

Florida controls its own destiny. We will do all we can to find innovative and lasting solutions that can be a model for our nation. Florida can...

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

To those who emerged victorious, it is our duty to put the ideas, promises and rhetoric of the campaign trail into practical plans. For those who...

Tampa Bay Times

These amendments are some of the most...

Tampa Bay Times