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Governor Scott

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Like an on-again, off-again romance, Gov. Rick Scott has been hot and cold in his interaction with state universities.
Gainesville Sun
The sweeping education bill that Gov. Rick Scott has signed into law is a solid step forward.
Tampa Bay Times
This year, Rick Scott has named 23 "Great Floridians," roughly padding the state's "Great Floridians" ranks by 25 percent.
Tampa Bay Times
Gov. Scott came to visit the Sun Sentinel Editorial Board last week, and we thought you might like to see some of what was said, edited for length.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Gov. Scott has his talking points nailed down. On most issues, he’s impossible to pin down.
Palm Beach Post
Scott’s more willing to jump to conclusions about a college exercise at FAU than he is to stop the number of unarmed Floridaians who are killed.
Palm Beach Post
Gov. Scott was bereaved over the declasse infusion of unbridled money into the political process.
Tampa Bay Times
Gov. Scott says his across-the-board increase is based on merit, given how well the state’s schools have performed on a variety of measurements.
Palm Beach Post
Gov. Scott proudly points to nearly 300,000 new jobs created.
Florida Times-Union
Despite being a college student, a liberal and a registered Democrat, I’m starting to like Rick Scott.
Independent Florida Alligator
In a recent Quinnipiac poll Charlie Crist won a hypothetical 2014 race against Gov. Scott, 50 percent to percent.
Northwest Florida Daily News
Facing a challenging re-election in 2014, Gov. Scott can select a new lieutenant governor who can bring some positives to his image and his campaign.
Lakeland Ledger
Gov. Rick Scott is scheduled to visit Ocala Friday afternoon at the invitation of Ocala Mayor Kent Guinn.
Ocala Star-Banner
Gov. Scott has shown little leadership and no desire to expend political capital to bring Republican lawmakers to his side on the issues.
Gainesville Sun
In 2010, it was "Let's get to work. In 2013, Gov. Rick Scott's new catchphrase is "It's working."
Orlando Sentinel
The governor said he would veto any bill that gives tax revenue to a sports team unless local voters approve the deal.
Palm Beach Post
If the governor decides to ignore the poll numbers and run for re-election in 2014, look for his opponents to use his job-creation-pledge against him.
Suncoast News

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