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Health Care

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A dispute over whether to accept federal funding for an expansion of health care threatens to force a special session to resolve the issue.
Citrus County Chronicle
House Democrats are requiring that bills before the chamber be read in full slowing business, but shaming those who refuse to accept federal money.
Palm Beach Post
Florida House's steadfast rejection of billions in federal health care assistance for residents will have terrible consequences on Florida.
Bradenton Herald
Florida needs far more flexibility in its health care program, either by receiving Medicaid waivers or by implementing a different system.
Panama City News Herald
The Senate's 38-1 vote to accept billions in federal Medicaid money to provide health coverage to residents sends a bipartisan message.
Tampa Bay Times
Pelican Bay-based Health Management Associates plans to expand its Physicians Regional Medical Center.
Naples Daily News
We urge the Florida House and Senate to work together to develop a health plan that will help uninsured state residents before it is too late.
Fort Myers News-Press
The Florida Legislature is poised to adjourn Friday without accepting $51 billion in federal Medicaid expansion money.
Tampa Bay Times
Members of the Florida House need to come down from their ivory towers and view the Medicaid expansion issue from the perspective of the working poor.
Treasure Coast Palm
The Florida Senate is attempting to swipe health-care funds from Hillsborough and other urban counties that use local tax dollars to help the poor.
Tampa Tribune
Today's House vote is only the beginning of the final maneuvering over the single biggest issue facing Florida.
Tampa Bay Times
Florida House members, adamant in their rejection of federal dollars to expand Medcaid, continue to place politics above doing the right thing.
Citrus County Chronicle
House Republicans still insist on denying health insurance coverage to 975,000 Floridians and sticking taxpayers with a $2 billion tab for care.
Palm Beach Post
The Florida House’s refusal to accept federal funds to expand Medicaid stands as the most confounding action of the 2013 legislative session thus far.
Suncoast News
Legislators refusing to accept billions of federal dollars to cover 1 million uninsured Florida citizens, should listen to Gov. Rick Scott.
Tampa Tribune
Leaders of the Florida House are so politically driven to distance themselves from Obamacare that they're ignoring Florida's pandemic.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
The Florida House’s refusal to accept federal funds to expand Medicaid is the most confounding action of the 2013 legislative session thus far.
Miami Herald

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This is reality. My husband works for a small business, and he has been warned that there will be cuts in 2013. We have been very generous to the...

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