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The Florida House of Representatives approved a bill this week that would expedite foreclosures in a way that could put consumers at a disadvantage.
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Lawmakers propose to snatch funds destined for the SHIP and the SAIL programs and put the money into general revenue.
Miami Herald
We want it turned around now, but we also know that a steady growth pattern without a bubble is what’s best for everyone.
Highlands Today
Due to the shortage of housing on campus, many students are still searching for a place to sleep this fall.
USF Oracle
During the past 20 years, the number of homeless people living on its streets and sleeping under its overpasses has plummeted.
Miami Herald
The housing market is indeed seeing an uptick, but it is a long way from having recovered, as some commissioners are suggesting.
Ocala Star-Banner
A flawed settlement between federal regulators and the country's biggest banks in the robo-signing scandal is getting attention from Congress.
Tampa Bay Times
Despite rising housing prices and a jump in construction starts across the state, the number of foreclosure filings continues to climb in Florida.
Tampa Tribune
As the foreclosure mess continues in South Florida, scammers and squatters are finding loopholes in the law to try to live the high life on the cheap.
Miami Herald
The Legislature insists that cash-strapped state budgets required them to raid affordable housing programs to cover other general government needs.
Tampa Bay Times
Florida's Legislature is once again planning to violate the public trust by raiding the trust fund established to create more affordable housing,
Bradenton Herald
Talllhassee is creating housing for what many call our “most vulnerable” with groundbreaking for the Westgate Community residential campus.
Tallahassee Democrat
At the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort, the Colony unit owners are voting as we write this to rehabilitate, or to demolish and redevelop.
The Observer Group
The 50 or 60 people spread out in the park next to the campus at University of Tampa were not students, they were part of Tampa’s homeless population.
Tampa Tribune
Our community is becoming a seller’s market as the once-bloated inventory dwindles, according to the Naples Area Board of Realtors.
Naples Daily News
The Sulzbacher Center will be able to add a 28-bed medical respite facility for homeless patients after they are discharged from area hospitals.
Florida Times-Union
For the past four years, Florida lawmakers have raided money from a state trust fund for affordable housing to help close budget deficits.
Orlando Sentinel

Op Ed

I find it very unsettling we find it "okay" to incarcerate our homeless population — to the tune of $118 per day per person — rather...

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

We should not allow attorneys to be the fourth branch of Florida’s government.

Tallahassee Democrat

Some editorials say the Board of...

Tampa Bay Times

The 2012 Legislative Session was very...

The Observer Group

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During a recent meeting, four private...

Tampa Bay Times

Why is Citizens Insurance so...

Bradenton Herald

That’s when we started struggling. We had purchased a second home as an investment, but when the renters could no longer pay, we had to let it go...

News Press of Fort Myers

It is sad to see both Tampa and Orlando make CNBC's list of the Top 10 Emptiest Cities. No good can come from such a designation, which...

Tampa Bay Times