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K-12 Education

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HB 7129, is a response to the atrocities uncovered in an investigation into the state's religious group homes and boarding schools.
Tampa Bay Times
One of the most important areas headlining this year's legislative session was tweaking K-12 education.
Orlando Sentinel
Elite group meets at Sawgrass in a common goal: public school excellence.
Florida Times-Union
Legislative leaders clarified language in their budget proposal in order to allow raises to be doled out sooner rather than later.
Tallahassee Democrat
The governor and legislative leaders agreed to a plan for teacher raises that creates a bureaucratic maze of regulation.
Palm Beach Post
There is much to celebrate in the agreement that gives raises to Florida teachers and support personnel who work behind the scenes.
Tampa Tribune
Last week, Gov. Scott signed sweeping education reform that brings a little more common sense to the classroom for Florida high school students.
Citrus County Chronicle
Credit Runcie for reconsidering a bad proposal that sends the wrong message about accountability and rewards students just for showing up.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Manatee School District is far short of the $6.7 million needed to meet the state mandate of at least a 2.2 percent fund balance.
Bradenton Herald
Two area schools you don’t hear much about were in the news this week for different reasons, but I believe there is a connection.
Tampa Tribune
The new law would create two different diploma designations: one for technical training, the other for those interested in college-level classes.
Tampa Bay Times
The sweeping education bill that Gov. Rick Scott has signed into law is a solid step forward.
Tampa Bay Times
For the past several years, lawmakers began the legislative session with the stated intention of improving Florida's Florida's education system.
Tallahassee Democrat
The Marion County School Board voted this week to reinstate the paddling of elementary school students as a disciplinary measure.
Palm Beach Post
The education bill signed by Gov. Rick Scott changes high school graduation requirements, essentially scaling back some of the tougher standards.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
The School Board voted 3-2 Tuesday to reinstitute paddling as a disciplinary option for principals in elementary schools.
Ocala Star-Banner
The idea of asking a brain damaged 10-year-old to solve math equations on an FCAT test seemed ridiculous, but this is Florida where FCAT is king.
Orlando Sentinel

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