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he United States does not compare well with other developed countries.
Florida Times-Union
The fact that so much misinformation was spread after the bombing indicates that the nation needs a thorough, patient search for answers.
Daytona Beach News-Journal
It is in times of emergency that accurate reports are essential, as is a calm voice. The national media for the most part failed in both regards.
Fort Myers News-Press
We’ve experienced tragedies before, but this one seemed to strike deeper.
Independent Florida Alligator
There is no reason to declare Tsarnaev an “enemy combatant,” and the White House was correct Monday to not do so.
Palm Beach Post
The attack at the Boston Marathon shows Americans that complacency is not an option in the age of terror
Daytona Beach News-Journal
The horrific events that unfolded on the streets of Boston Monday afternoon were nothing short of cowardice acts on an unsuspecting public.
What I did pick up, was that Americans were less fearful than they were ticked off that there are murderers such as this invading our lives.
Tampa Bay Times
Counter the unbearable sense of loss with positive actions.
Monday's bombing at the Boston Marathon gave us a glimpse of what can be the worst side of humanity and powerful examples of the best.
Sebring News Sun
As awful and bloody as Monday's Boston bombing was, it reminded us that — like roaches — those who place no value on innocent lives are among us.
Tampa Tribune
In response to terrorists, the best thing we can do is live life to the fullest, not in fear
Florida Times-Union
People always find a way to be at their best when faced with those trying to do their worst, and social media is instrumental in showing this.
FSU Flambeau
The Department of Children and Families offers a list of tips for parents on what to say and do in relation to the Boston attacks.
Tallahassee Democrat
This year, however, the real heartbreak occurred at the finish line, where America was reminded of its vulnerability to terrorists.
Ocala Star-Banner
Our country has long been fortunate to avoid the regular acts of terrorism that occur in some countries overseas
Gasparilla Gazette
It’s time for us to step up and do our part. Reach out to strangers, especially if they’ve been affected by the events of this week.
Independent Florida Alligator

Letter To The Editor

You also stated you are ashamed that America has become a nation in decline. What about the pre-Civil Rights Acts era? Mrs. Obama lived during...

Bradenton Herald

Billions could be saved for use in our country. No U.S. Border Patrol along the Mexican border. Texas would have to provide that. Instead, we...

Hernando Times

The counties in Florida that voted for Obama this year understand the importance of federal health care, lower taxes and funding to critical...

Seminole Chronicle

Somehow I can't see the federal government turning over military hardware. Even without it Texans will be well armed, which they may need to...

News-Sun, Sebring

Following the re-election of President Obama, someone else repeated the same words: "It's not the same country anymore." However,...

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The results: Our president, Barack Obama, is still our president. The people have spoken, and now it's time to get on with working together...

Lakeland Ledger

I truly believe that, as stated by Kroft, the Senate has become a dysfunctional place filled with politicians who can't compromise for the...

Bradenton Herald

Our economy cannot flourish and grow with a relatively few individuals supporting it. Like it or not, a more "just" distribution of our...

Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Op Ed

A few days ago, I visited Arlington National Cemetery. As I walked for several hours among the many, many columns of our patriots, I wondered what...

Tallahassee Democrat

For the next decade, a diversified mix of energy sources will remain strategically important.

News Press of Fort Myers