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President Obama

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President Obama arrives in Mexico on Thursday at a crucial moment for the joint fight the two countries have been waging against drug trafficking.
Miami Herald
The 2014 budget proposal unveiled by President Obama represents a daring bid to break the gridlock over spending and revenue in Washington.
Miami Herald
President Obama's visit to Israel has to be considered a success — if for no other reason than he apparently thawed relations that had been frosty.
Orlando Sentinel
The real Barack Obama told Israelis what they wanted to hear and what they needed to hear and they loved it.
Palm Beach Post
This wasn't a trip that was going to please everybody. That's impossible in the tinderbox that is the Middle East.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
President Obama seems to be listening and hearing that he must strike a bargain on the spending side of the budget.
Panama City News Herald
President Obama’s trip to Israel last week went a long way toward allaying the resentments accumulated over the four years prior.
Miami Herald
This Thursday, March 21st, President Obama met for two hours with Mahmoud Abass, President of the Palestinian Authority and of the Fatah movement.
Diario Las Americas
President Barack Obama has finally brushed against the cold, hard reality of budget politics in Washington, D.C..
Daytona Beach News-Journal
President Obama believes Jesus was a socialist. He believes that if you don’t work, you will eat. He believes that beggars can be choosers.
Independent Florida Alligator
This was only the second time in his presidency that he has attended the 19th-century institution’s elaborate white-tie affair.
Naples Daily News
There are also some much less emotional but logical reasons not to have the CEO or the president at the table during the negotiations.
Fernandina Beach News-Leader
If the spending cuts end up hurting a lot of people, Mr. Obama will be blamed because sequestration bears his signature.
Northwest Florida Daily News
Every President will do some things you dislike but, in Obama’s case, it seems every time you turn around, he is doing something we dislike.
Fort Meade Leader
The situation in Syria has become so serious that the president has finally had to become more engaged in the search for a solution.
Tampa Tribune
Of all the things that deserve the federal government's focus right now, the last is the reform of election laws.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
A Justice Department memo that NBC released indicates that President Obama does not live in the same hemisphere as Candidate Obama.
Independent Florida Alligator

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President Obama won the election because he executed a strategy of class warfare.
He succeeded in dividing the country between haves and...

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The election is behind us and we will have the same face in the White House for the next four years as we’ve had for the last four.
My hope...

News Press of Fort Myers

Those now famous words spoken by then-Sen. Abraham Lincoln have come upon us once again. Certainly, "A house divided against itself cannot...

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If Obama were white, he would never have become president. He was never fully vetted. Questions persisted regarding his citizenship, his foreign...

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Now the unreasonable zealots reside on the right wing of American politics. They are blinded by their immoderate views and unable to listen to...

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