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n my four years as a religion major, I’ve studied the Bible extensively and discovered it doesn’t say much about same-sex relationships.
Independent Florida Alligator
Just as Good Friday was a motif of deep sorrow for the Christian world, Easter Sunday is a day of immense joy.
Diario Las Americas
Perhaps it was providential that the stomping on Jesus incident at Florida Atlantic University surfaced this week — the holiest week for Christians.
Sarasota Observer
The Christian world commemorates every Good Friday an extraordinarily sad event in the history of mankind: the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
Diario Las Americas
People should discuss these greater societal problems but not associate a lack of belief in a higher power with immorality and civil decline.
Independent Florida Alligator
The Christian world celebrates this Sunday the start of Holy Week, the last week of Lent, with its historic name of Palm Sunday.
Diario Las Americas
Throughout the years, their moral ineptitude brought about a deliberate movement to eschew spiritual influences and godliness in society.
Independent Florida Alligator
Treasure Coast Sports Commission found that activities at the Sports Village have an economic impact on Indian River County of more than $21 million.
Treasure Coast Palm
The elevation of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina to become leader of the world’s Roman Catholics is a momentous event.
Miami Herald
The conclave of Cardinals elected, in their fifth vote, Argentinean Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio to be the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church.
Diario Las Americas
Not only is the pope the undisputed leader of the Catholic Church, he is a religious and moral force around the world.
Fort Myers News-Press
That’s right, folks. The papal conclave, the selection process of the world’s new pope, started this week.
Independent Florida Alligator
It all started with the Rev. Kyle Bennett’s accent on “the ministry of the margins” at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church on Marco Island.
Sebring News Sun
No matter which way you cut it, Benedict XVI’s resignation does nothing except show the world the weight of his office, and his office’s scandals.
FSU Flambeau
Pope Benedict XVI’s surprising decision to resign the papacy on Feb. 28 will go down in history as a rarity.
Panama City News Herald
It's not often that anyone gets to shatter 600 years of precedent, but in announcing his resignation as did Pope Benedict XVI.
Fort Myers News-Press
By stepping aside because of health reasons, Benedict XVI made clear he puts the health of the Roman Catholic Church first and foremost.
Daytona Beach News-Journal

Op Ed

That "most wonderful time of the year" has arrived, and with it, most predictably, another round of attacks (yawn) by Secular Humanists...

News-Sun, Sebring

The uncertainty arises because of the results of a survey by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, revealing that for the first time in its...

News-Sun, Sebring

The principal objective of Amendment 8 is to prevent discrimination against religion. Amendment 8 would add this language to the Florida...

News Press of Fort Myers

America was founded under the principle that citizens must never be coerced through taxation to support religious institutions. In 1779, the...

Tallahassee Democrat

Letter To The Editor

This parent's choice was motivated, in part, by her faith, she says, but religion is not the enemy here; poverty, hopelessness and lost...

Orlando Sentinel

Our Founding Fathers deliberately excluded the government from interfering with or supporting any religion. Because of their foresight you can...

Lakeland Ledger

America founded on Christian principles? There are many things involved in the founding of this country. Capitalism, religious intolerance, and...

Citrus County Chronicle

The great deception: Florida’s Amendment 8 is playing the devil’s game with your tax dollars.
As prophesied, the devil is trying to get into...

Northwest Florida Daily News

The wording of the 127-year old “no aid to religions” provision in Florida’s Constitution, would be replaced by: “…neither the government nor any...

News Press of Fort Myers

In the last seven decades there have been many violations of the Free Exercise Clause preventing the use of the Bible, the Ten Commandments,...

Fort Meade Leader