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Taxes and Fees

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A bill moving through the Legislature would require out-of-state online retailers to collect the sales tax on purchases made by Florida customers.
Tampa Tribune
The recession is over and it is time for the Legislature to start rolling back these artificially high automobile fees.
Palm Beach Post
This new property-tax money would have otherwise gone to county, city and other local government entities.
Daytona Beach News-Journal
If state tax collectors are so concerned about balancing their budgets, perhaps they should focus on spending less-instead of taxing us.
FSU Flambeau
We support Cape Coral government’s proposals for a public service tax and a fire services fee that will cost homeowners an additional $150 a year.
Fort Myers News-Press
The Legislature is inching closer to finally requiring out-of-state, Internet retailers collect the state's sales tax.
Lakeland Ledger
It looks like Congress could be the one to stand up for the state's jobs and residents and modernize the sales tax system to include Internet sales.
Key West Citizen
Growing the manufacturing base in the Sunshine State is one way to add jobs and diversify the state’s workforce.
Daytona Beach News-Journal
The Senate began debate on a measure, endorsed by the Obama administration, that would grant authority to states to collect tax Internet sales.
Florida Today
Congress appears poised to pass legislation requiring states to force online retailers with no physical presence in their states to collect sales tax.
Panama City News Herald
It looks as if it could be Congress that modernizes the sales tax system to include more Internet purchases.
Tampa Bay Times
Gov. Rick Scott is personally trying to manufacture support in the Florida Legislature for eliminating sales tax on manufacturing equipment.
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
IRS has got to do a better job detecting tax refund fraud and helping victims of fraud.
Treasure Coast Palm
Economists estimate that Florida lost as much as as $1.5 billion last year in sales tax revenue on goods bought from Internet-only retailers.
Gainesville Sun
At best, it takes about six months for the IRS to resolve an identity theft case. At worst? It can take more than a year.
Florida Today
Americans will have to work 1 more week before they’ve earned enough money to meet their tax obligations for 2013.
Northwest Florida Daily News
On this 100th year anniversary of the personal income tax, it’s fitting to remind ourselves of its heritage — who did it, how it came about and why.
The Observer Group

Letter To The Editor

We are tired of getting taxed. The fact that people showed up and voiced that opinion against the 4-cent gas tax and then get blasted as being un-...

Pensacola News-Journal

Tell us your plans for how you will spend that money. Give politicians more to spend, they will find a way to do so.
If more money is truly...

Pensacola News-Journal

If this is acceptable, will Chuck Sykes ask us to pay for 60 to 80 percent of his next call center? Both are supposedly good for the economy since...

Tampa Bay Times

It is grossly unfair to businesses to keep taxing us on equipment that is long past its usefulness.
Perhaps our legislators can address this...

Tallahassee Democrat

If this exemption is not extended, when both parents die their estate will be taxed heavily again before the children, grandchildren or any...

Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Just curious. Florida touts itself as having "government in the sunshine" via the Sunshine Law. Why then is no sun shining on the fact...


The current debate on what to do about entitlements has increased since Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney chose Congressman Paul Ryan...

Orlando Sentinel

The claim that the rich pay their fair share because they pay most of the taxes illustrates the old saying, “Figures don’t lie but liars figure.”...

Pensacola News-Journal

The recent tax cuts have done nothing for the economy and job creation, so doesn't it make sense to ignore the doomsayers and try something...

Tampa Bay Times

Op Ed

As retailers modernize their operations to handle e-commerce, we are looking to state and federal policymakers to modernize as well. The most...

South Florida Sun-Sentinel