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Hugo Chávez’s stealth return to Venezuela makes it clearer than ever that Venezuela is leaderless and in need of someone else to take over.
Miami Herald
I think it’s time that women, especially women who identify themselves as feminists, jump on the pro-gun bandwagon.
Independent Florida Alligator
Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta recently lifted the 1994 ban on women serving in close combat roles.
Citrus County Chronicle
Our government is taking steps to correct for that by officially opening combat roles to women.
FSU Flambeau
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has rescinded a 1994 policy to now officially allow women to serve in combat.
Miami Herald
In March, the Tallahassee Democrat will be honoring 25 women from this community in its annual Women You Need to Know community recognition program.
Tallahassee Democrat
Gen. Martin Dempsey joined with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to lift the military’s ban on women serving in combat.
Florida Today
With Thursday's news that the Department of Defense will permit women to serve in combat roles, America's military marches into the 21st century.
Orlando Sentinel
The decision to open combat roles to women in the military is a step toward acknowledging the dangers they face in modern warfare.
Tampa Bay Times
The fact that women are now eligible for combat positions strengthens us as a country and in no way weakens us as a military power.
Fort Myers News-Press
All of us — especially old guys like me — should be grateful at the growing role of women in all aspects of our lives.
Florida Today
There’s no valid reason why women who want to fight should be denied the right to defend their country.
Pensacola News-Journal
This week, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta will lift a ban that prevents women from serving in combat.
Independent Florida Alligator
The issue of rights of women in India and abroad took center stage as news of the incident broke out.
Central Florida Future
Women are serving — and dying — in war zones. It's time the rules caught up to that reality.
Lakeland Ledger
The purpose of the $45,000 survey, according to state officials, was to better understand women's needs and to develop family planning services.
Treasure Coast Palm
The Florida Department of Health sent out surveys to 4,100 women between the ages of 18 and 24, asking intimate questions about their sex lives
Northwest Florida Daily News

Op Ed

Civilian women who receive health care through federal programs have abortion coverage in cases of rape, incest and when the life of the woman is...

Tampa Bay Times

Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, who has the misfortune of a name that sounds like a villain straight out of sci-fi/fantasy, is the...

Palm Beach Post

Amendment 6, which I was proud to sponsor during the 2011 legislative session, advances two very important public policies in Florida: the...

Palm Beach Post

As a doctor, I agree with the Herald Editorial Board's recommendation to vote no on Amendment 6 this November. Amendment 6 could prevent a...

Bradenton Herald

Although women make up more than half of the U. S. electorate, only 23 percent of legislators at the state level and 16 percent at the national...

Florida Times-Union

Amendment 6, which bolsters the rights of parents to be involved in medical decisions affecting their minor children, should be supported by all...

Tallahassee Democrat

Earlier this month,...

Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Women by and large have...

Gainesville Sun

Letter To The Editor

I'm a former pro athlete and competed with boys all the time growing up. If I ever lost, I didn't throw it up to them that I was just a...

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Both John McCain and Jon Huntsman have had the good sense to distance themselves from Mr. Mourdock’s comments in hopes of their party recapturing...

Palm Beach Post