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Most Americans surely prefer that the United States avoid becoming militarily involved in the Syrian war, but can we ignore chemical weapon use?
Tampa Tribune
The CIA bribery campaign undermines efforts by the State Department to preach an anticorruption gospel among U.S. allies.
Tampa Bay Times
President Obama arrives in Mexico on Thursday at a crucial moment for the joint fight the two countries have been waging against drug trafficking.
Miami Herald
The Obama Administration should be very cautious at the time of making a decision on how to intervene in Syria.
Diario Las Americas
Another report on human rights points out the worst culprits in Latin America: Cuba, Honduras, Venezuela.
Miami Herald
I interviewed Dr. Wanfa Zhang, a native of China and a professor of international politics at Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne.
Florida Today
The use of chemical weapons is outrageous, and it challenges international norms supported by the U.S. and the United Nations.
Daytona Beach News-Journal
The people of Venezuela have stood up to the bullies deserve the support of other nations that believe in fair play and a clean vote.
Miami Herald
Secretary of State John Kerry flies to China, ostensibly to ward off a possible nuclear war, and talks about — global warming.
Biz Pac Review
The much awaited presidential election for Venezuela to select the replacement of the dangerous and volatile Marxist Hugo Chavez is over.
Diario Las Americas
The more bizarre North Korea’s behavior becomes — and it is growing more bizarre by the week — the harder it is to explain, or possibly to contain.
Fort Myers News-Press
Sunday’s election in Venezuela promises to open a tumultuous new chapter in the history of that South American country.
Miami Herald
It is critical that we have a better understanding of dynamics in the North Korean regime in order to avoid a major military clash.
Daytona Times/Florida Courier
Even 60 years after the war the Korean peninsula is still as potentially devastating as any place on Earth.
Tampa Tribune
Margaret Thatcher, one of the greatest and most influential political figures of the Western world in the Twentieth Century, died Monday.
Diario Las Americas
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said the escalating threats emanating from the Stalinist country represent a “real and clear danger” to the world.
Miami Herald
The modern era has produced only a handful of larger-than-life political figures, among them is Margaret Thatcher, who died in London Monday.
Orlando Sentinel

Letter To The Editor

The game of chess has been likened to war. This is the opposite of a chess gambit, in which some material is sacrificed to gain greater material...

Palm Beach Post

As our president travels to the Muslim lands of Asia to promote democracy for that region, I wish him and his entourage safe passage in his...

Panama City News Herald

Why should anyone be surprised that Israel struck a blow at the command and control of Hamas to undermine its infrastructure? Hamas has fired 900...

South Florida Sun-Sentinel

An ambassador with security accompanying him was killed in a planned attack while on the road and away from his primary place of residence....

Palm Beach Post

The White House had a visual view on this “terror attack” which lasted seven hours, also a terrorist group claimed responsibility.”This...

Citrus County Chronicle

Mr. Panetta’s reaction to Benghazi is to try to put the American giant into a coma. Leon Panetta should have known that his job was to defend and...

Palm Beach Post

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu repeatedly has urged the United States to go to war against Iran. Israel is supposedly an ally of the United...

Pensacola News-Journal

The president issued a presidential memorandum (similar to an executive order, carrying the same authority, but generally considered less...

Tampa Tribune

Op Ed

Global culture is the next frontier. We are witnessing the beginnings of what will be a lengthy struggle to shape global values. The violent...

Tampa Bay Times

Americans have a love-hate relationship with products made in China. They love the cheaper prices. But they hate the fact that so many U.S....

News Press of Fort Myers