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"You know the news, now let's talk." That's our slogan here at Florida Voices. To help stir the pot, we publish and syndicate a hall-of-fame stable of columnists. Since I'm the editor, you'll hear from me only on occasion. Our goal is to engage Floridians in the challenges we face, hold the powerful accountable and help find common ground. Let us hear from you!
Monday, July 30, 2012 — Rosemary Goudreau

It is impossible to look at the pages-long list of abuse allegations from a Central Florida facility for people with brain injuries and not wonder how the Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation is allowed to remain open. 

Sexual abuse. Mental abuse. Burns. Broken bones. Bruises. Cuts and punctures. Bizarre punishment. Excessive restraints. Inadequate...

by Dr. Radut.