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What were the most commented topics of Topical Breezes in 2012?
Joe Saunders
By any measure, 2012 was a year for big headlines: Sanford neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman's shooting of teenager Trayvon Martin; the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (known to supporters and detractors alike as “Obamacare”); President Obama's re-election after a seemingly endless presidential campaign. Topical Breezes had opinion packages on all of these and many more; and Topical Breezes readers had opinions about the opinions. Here, as judged by the number of comments we received, are the five topics that generated the most responses, favorable and otherwise. So, in a year when a formerly Republican Florida governor addressed a Democratic national convention, a Florida election ballot appeared stuffed with proposed constitutional amendments, and last-minute negotiations in the nation's capital sought to avoid a “fiscal cliff,” what subjects generated the most comment among Topical Breezes readers? Please note that comments counted included multiple offerings by individual writers as well as responses back and forth among various writers. Just click on the question link to take a look. Unless you're a divorced motorcyclist who really doesn't like paying alimony, you might be surprised. (And whether you do or don't like the results, feel free to comment yourself.)

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